YouTube To Tax International Creators

It’s official: YouTube’s coming for international creators. The giant long-form video-based platform will start taxing creators outside the U.S. from June 2021 onwards. The amount will be deducted based on revenue generated from creators enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program who earn money from U.S.-based viewers, i.e. any U.S.-based AdSense, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships will be taxed at U.S. rates. … Continue reading YouTube To Tax International Creators

hand holding mobile phone that is scanning a qr code in a machine

Are QR Codes Coming Back?

Do you remember when QR codes seemed to be practically everywhere? You couldn’t walk down a street, pick up something in a supermarket, open a magazine, visit a festival or exhibition…well, you get the idea. Then suddenly, they disappeared in almost the same speed as they originally appeared. Now, it seems that they’re making a quiet comeback – quiet until last week anyway. Over 1,500 … Continue reading Are QR Codes Coming Back?

TikTok Introduces Two New Features

TikTok lovers now have another reason to celebrate: the short-video platform’s just released two new features – Playlists and Immersive Music Creative Effects. Let’s take a deeper look at them: Playlists This time, it’s TikTok’s turn to take inspiration from another social media platform’s features. In this case, Instagram’s IGTV series, which allow creators to group content into different themes. TikTok’s Playlist feature is also … Continue reading TikTok Introduces Two New Features

Why Is Everyone Obsessed With NFTs?

You’ve probably seen one fantastic headline after another in recent days when it comes to NFTs, from people buying memes to artists selling digital artworks for millions of dollars to brands jumping on the bandwagon and releasing “limited edition NFT only” products. It can be overwhelming, especially since each Google search feels like you’re going down a rabbit hole with no end in sight. I … Continue reading Why Is Everyone Obsessed With NFTs?

Burger King’s Whopping Fail

International Women’s Day was a couple days ago, and as expected, social media was filled with a mix of posts from individuals, organisations, and brands that shared either generic greetings ( “Happy International Women’s Day!”) , fun/silly content (“tag the best woman in your life!”), educational content (“how women shaped history”), meaningless statements (“we pledge to give more women a seat at the table”). One … Continue reading Burger King’s Whopping Fail

Get Ready To Rumble: Netflix vs TikTok

The streaming giant’s rolling out a feature called “Fast Laughs” that provides a feed of comedic clips from Netflix’s catalog of films, shows, and stand-up specials⁠ as it enters the fight against TikTok, alongside multiple social media and digital platforms. It’s currently only available on the iOS version of its app in select countries, where it’s accessible from the bottom navigation menu on its own … Continue reading Get Ready To Rumble: Netflix vs TikTok

Every Update YouTube’s Rolling Out in 2021

According to hubspot, video creation and consumption is expected to hit a new level this year with 86% of businesses using video as a marketing tool, a very slight increase from 85% in 2020. At first glance, this is somewhat an obvious fact, given that we’re mostly still stuck indoors due to the pandemic and so are watching different screens for a record number of … Continue reading Every Update YouTube’s Rolling Out in 2021

Clubhouse: a short-term fad or a platform with potential?

Clubhouse. The word evokes nostalgic memories of treetop retreats for children. It also evokes images of discussions and shenanigans happening away from prying eyes. Chances are you’ve heard the word Clubhouse everywhere in the past few days, well, perhaps a bit more that the usual chatter happening around the app, thanks to a recent conversation between Elon Musk and Robinhood co-Founder Vlad Tenev to discuss … Continue reading Clubhouse: a short-term fad or a platform with potential?

Who Needs Séances When You’ve Got Chatbots?

Microsoft has filed a patent for technology that would use social media posts to reincarnate people as chatbots. Yes, that’s right. Microsoft plans to bring the dead back to life as pieces of code that masquerade as your loved ones, relatives, and friends. Since the news broke, media outlets and social media users have likened the patent to an episode of the dark TV series … Continue reading Who Needs Séances When You’ve Got Chatbots?

The exhausted peddlers of joy

Recently, a digital marketing agency posted a job opening that didn’t raise any eyebrows to those within the industry, myself included, although I’m willing to bet that many, like myself, experienced a range of emotions that ranged from bemusement to fury to resignation. Then something happened that no one expected – it went viral and caused a collective outcry from both industry insiders and a … Continue reading The exhausted peddlers of joy