The Quarantine Reading Renaissance

Quarantine has disrupted our lives in many ways to the point where it seems as though we’ve entered the predicted “new normal” phase. One thing that book lovers, me included, have done to deal with this is to turn to our beloved books from treasured favourites to newly discovered tales – whether fictional or not – to finally tackling the ever-growing pile of To Be … Continue reading The Quarantine Reading Renaissance

Going Analogue in a Digital Age

I love technology. I adore the internet and I’m an unshamed Twitter addict. But, oh, there’s just something about slowing things down and the anticipation of waiting for something to come in the mail (and I don’t mean online shopping). Then nearly a year ago, Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) inspired me to take a leap with her heartwarming blog post that inspired me to … Continue reading Going Analogue in a Digital Age

COVID 19, My Notebook, and Me

Like the majority of people, I’ve taken steps to start self-isolating as a precaution against the Coronavirus. It was fun at first, spending most of the time binge-watching Netflix shows that I’d been meaning to catch up on for months but I started getting antsy after a few days. While “spring cleaning” my home as a way to pass the time, I stumbled upon a … Continue reading COVID 19, My Notebook, and Me