Maintaining a Quarantine Routine

If you’re like me, you don’t mind having a couple of days off to relax but any more free time then you get antsy and start looking for things to do. Throw in COVID-19 isolation and you’ll find yourself re-arranging your bookshelf three times in four days (well, if you’re me that is).

I quickly figured out that I need to keep my mind busy so here are a few thing’s I’ve been doing – I hope that they’ll help you too!

Wear a “work outfit”

It’s tempting to spend the day in pajamas or in lounge wear but I’ve found that a good way to shift my mindset is to wear a “work outfit” – even if it’s for a few hours. Plus, part of the fun is dressing up and looking glam!

Set specific “Work from Home” hours

I understand that some people might not be able to do this but if you can, schedule specific work hours and stick with them. My working hours are 9AM – 2PM – during those hours, I run through my To Do list for the day and start checking things off. It could be something as simple as “clean out inbox” to “work on freelance pitches” to “work on client project” and everything in between. I even listen to music through my headphones to help me focus.

Sign up for online classes or webinars

I’ve found that this is the perfect time to take a few classes that I’ve been putting off because of my hectic work schedule – as well as a few one-off webinars to help me brush up on my skills or explore topics that interest me.

Step away from the desk

I’ve set up a daily alarm that rings at 2PM precisely to remind me that “working hours” are done. Sometimes, I’ll press the snooze button to give me some more time if I’m in the middle of something but never more than 30 minutes.

Stay in touch with friends

It might be tempting to slide into an endless Neflix binge spiral or get sucked into social media for hours but don’t forget to stay in touch! The possibilities are endless: video chat, text message, phone call, email or even snail mail! Try to get in touch with at least one friend a day or every other day. I’ve been re-connecting with friends who I haven’t spoken with in months or even longer thanks to the sudden amount of free time that self-isolation and working from home have given me.

Catch up on a hobby

Reading, writing, painting, puzzles, board games, impromptu karaoke sessions, living room dance party….pick a hobby or activity, whether solo or something that can be done with your partner or family, and have some fun!

Finally – and most importantly – breathe

Stretch, do some guided meditation, some simple yoga exercises, crack open a colouring book…whatever helps to quieten your mind and remind yourself that while things are serious, everything will work out in the end.

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