Stop Posting Into The Void

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Tell me if either of these sound familiar:

Scenario A

You don’t focus on your social media accounts; posting randomly or irregularly, often with an image or quote card that you hurriedly put together when you realise it’s been ages since your followers have heard from you. Then you wonder why you’re barely getting any engagement, if any.

Scenario B

You post regularly, using high quality images and thoughtfully crafted captions. You follow influencer accounts and/or those of leaders in your industry and study their methods to replicate in your own content. Despite all your efforts, you’re barely a blip in the deluge of social media posts being uploaded every second and you’re feeling discouraged.

Do you know what you’re doing wrong? You’re not posting for your target niche.

What’s your target niche?

It’s the specific audience that you should target to get the right attention on your content. It’s tempting to think that you should target the largest niche possible because of the audience size. In reality, though, that will backfire because you’ll be competing with many others, some of whom may already have large followings.

Instead, you need to dig down until you have a super-specific target audience.

Here are two examples:

Small Business Owners, e.g. Artisanal Jewellery

-> Current Target Audience: Current Clients and potential future clients

-> Niche Audience 1: People interested in one-of-a-kind pieces

-> Niche Audience 2: People looking for custom work

-> Niche Audience 3: People want to support local businesses

-> Niche Audience 4: People who want to support small businesses in their city / block / neighbourhood

-> New Niche Target Audience: People interested in small local businesses, preferably in their block / neighbourhood that offer quality, unique jewellery pieces and have the option for custom work with a personal touch

Individual Account, e.g. a professional portfolio

-> Current Target Audience: CEOs / Industry Leaders / Big Brands

-> Niche Audience 1: People within your industry

-> Niche Audience 2: Department Heads within the industry

-> Niche Audience 3: People within the organisation you’re interested in joining

-> New Niche Audience: People on the lookout for talented individuals who can bring something fresh and valuable to their teams / departments / organisations

OK, I’ve narrowned down my niche. Now what?

The next step is to craft messages that align with them. Grab a pad and pen – or your preferred note-taking tool – and start listing possible topics to explore.

For example, the artisanal jewellery business can talk about the inspirations they get from their environment

The individual account can talk about a trend emerging in the industry and show how it can be adapted while tagging specific individuals or companies

Once you have these foundations down, you’ll find it easier to focus and create meaningful content that resonates with others.

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