Every Update YouTube’s Rolling Out in 2021

According to hubspot, video creation and consumption is expected to hit a new level this year with 86% of businesses using video as a marketing tool, a very slight increase from 85% in 2020. At first glance, this is somewhat an obvious fact, given that we’re mostly still stuck indoors due to the pandemic and so are watching different screens for a record number of … Continue reading Every Update YouTube’s Rolling Out in 2021

Who Needs Séances When You’ve Got Chatbots?

Microsoft has filed a patent for technology that would use social media posts to reincarnate people as chatbots. Yes, that’s right. Microsoft plans to bring the dead back to life as pieces of code that masquerade as your loved ones, relatives, and friends. Since the news broke, media outlets and social media users have likened the patent to an episode of the dark TV series … Continue reading Who Needs Séances When You’ve Got Chatbots?

The exhausted peddlers of joy

Recently, a digital marketing agency posted a job opening that didn’t raise any eyebrows to those within the industry, myself included, although I’m willing to bet that many, like myself, experienced a range of emotions that ranged from bemusement to fury to resignation. Then something happened that no one expected – it went viral and caused a collective outcry from both industry insiders and a … Continue reading The exhausted peddlers of joy

Happy 10th Birthday Instagram!

Instagram’s become such a background fixture in our lives that it’s easy to take it for granted that it’s always been there. It can be surprising to learn that it is, in fact, only 10 years old. Instagram’s growth has exploded since those early, simpler days. The paltform now has over 1 billion active users and is constantly adding new features or expanding current ones … Continue reading Happy 10th Birthday Instagram!

Shiny Object Syndrome: What Is It & How To Avoid It

Have you heard about Shiny Object Syndrome? Chances are that you’ve been exposed to it while scrolling through your social media feed. According to Entrepreneur magazine: “It’s called shiny object syndrome because it’s the entrepreneurial equivalent of a small child chasing after shiny objects. Once they get there and see what the object is, they immediately lose interest and start chasing the next thing. For … Continue reading Shiny Object Syndrome: What Is It & How To Avoid It

hand holding a mobile phone showing an instagram account and in the background is a cup of coffee and a small desk plant

Organic vs Paid Posts

You’ve got your content plan, you’ve scheduled everything, you’re posting at the right time, you’re engaging with others. So why isn’t your content getting seen by more people? And what about likes and comments? There’s a mix of reasons why your account might feel ‘stuck’: You’re ‘invisible’ to the algorithm i.e. your content isn’t generating enough engagement to merit it being shown to more accounts … Continue reading Organic vs Paid Posts