Instagram Save Worthy Series: Tutorials

In the fast-paced world of Instagram, brands and creators can never simply assume that the audience will see their post more than once. 

Our last blog post in our Save Worthy Series tackled tips as one of the types of content that users on Instagram save. People love learning new tips and tricks, especially those that help them make their lives easier.⁠

So a great way to stand out is by offering real, valuable information that showcases you as an authority on the subject⁠. Creating scroll-stopping content is key to getting your posts saved.

Bonus: if the content’s great then people will share it making you both look good!⁠

Educational posts thrive on Instagram, especially for saves. Besides tips, tutorials are also some of the most saved content on the platform.

Are any of these tutorials saved in your collection?

  • How to boost your engagement
  • How to finesse your brand’s Instagram bio
  • How to figure out your brand’s tone of voice
  • How to write compelling posts

This kind of content serves as support, as well as a challenge, for your audience to gain knowledge but it can also be used for training collaboration abilities.

Tutorials are often saved for later just so users can find the post whenever they need it most. Therefore, make sure your tutorial posts are appealing and useful to your target audience.

For instance, if you are a creator or brand whose niche target is under fitness, then you can create a 1-Minute workout tutorial or a cooking style video.

With Instagram putting a value on timely and updated content, make sure that your tutorials contain information that will stay relevant in the long run. That way, you can make sure that your audience can come back to your content over and over again as time goes by!

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