Facebook Allows Users to Move Images to Photobucket and Event Listings to Google Calendar

Facebook has announced that it has added two new destinations to its data portability options for when users want to move their data from the social network.

According to TechCrunch, Product Manager Hadi Michel said that the new data transfer tool gives users more clarity on what they can share to which platforms. They mentioned that users can launch multiple transfers, with better fine-grain control on what they’re choosing to export in any one transfer to any competing platform.

These transfer updates are claimed to be part of the Data Transfer Project, a much larger open-source project where Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are joining hands in order to make the transfer of data possible.

In addition, it is also a part of the ACCESS Act, an initiative being pressured by several tech and privacy experts who suggest that social platforms should work on making data transfer to all sites secure and easy.

Below are details about the new destinations for users on Facebook.

Moving images to Photobucket

Facebook’s data transfer tool can now transfer a copy of all your photos and videos to Photobucket, which will be safely stored in your Photobucket account.

The process involves users to enable the Transfer a Copy of Your Information setting in order to connect their Facebook account with their Photobucket account and grant access to photos or videos in albums for transfer.

Listing events to Google Calendar

Facebook Events are a popular way for users to keep up with the latest happenings in their community and keep track of important details such as event location, date, time, and mutual friends. It also helps brands get the word out, build hype around events and keep track of attendees.

Now, users can add Facebook events to a Google Calendar to stay on top of the exciting occasions happening around them and fit them into their personal schedule. 

According to Digital Information World, since Google Calendar wasn’t getting the kind of exposure it was made for, Google employees worked to improve its usability hence making it a lot simpler and efficient.

Overall, with cybercrime and information fraud becoming a huge dilemma in the digital world, it’s important for huge social platforms like Facebook to make these changes to ensure the trust and protection of their users’ data.

It’s good to know that social media giants are working on securing the data transfer process for users, while making it easy and convenient.

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