hand holding mobile phone that is scanning a qr code in a machine

Are QR Codes Coming Back?

Do you remember when QR codes seemed to be practically everywhere? You couldn’t walk down a street, pick up something in a supermarket, open a magazine, visit a festival or exhibition…well, you get the idea. Then suddenly, they disappeared in almost the same speed as they originally appeared. Now, it seems that they’re making a quiet comeback – quiet until last week anyway. Over 1,500 … Continue reading Are QR Codes Coming Back?

Burger King’s Whopping Fail

International Women’s Day was a couple days ago, and as expected, social media was filled with a mix of posts from individuals, organisations, and brands that shared either generic greetings ( “Happy International Women’s Day!”) , fun/silly content (“tag the best woman in your life!”), educational content (“how women shaped history”), meaningless statements (“we pledge to give more women a seat at the table”). One … Continue reading Burger King’s Whopping Fail

Spotted: Dominos UAE Vaccination Drive Campaign

We all love pizza, right? The gooey cheese, the fluffy crust, the delicious toppings…I bet you’re hunrgy now, right? I got hungry just typing that sentence. This isn’t a pizza appreciation post, well, sorta. I wanted to share with you something fun that Dominoes UAE launched today: I love the retro vibe of the video and how it invites engagement by making the video seem … Continue reading Spotted: Dominos UAE Vaccination Drive Campaign