TikTok Marketing Tips For Businesses

TikTok’s popularity as a social media darling isn’t going away anytime soon if its expanded features are any indication.

The video-based platform’s announced a series of new tools and features that businesses and brands can utilize to increase awareness and meet any goals set from sales to growing followers.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Credit: TikTok

“TikTok Made Me Buy It”

You’ve probably seen this phrase thrown around on TikTok – and other platforms – after users have been exposed to videos showcasing creators trying out products or services and giving their feedback or endorsement about it. This taps into what’s known as “social currency” aka when someone you trust, whether offline or online, vouches for something then chances are higher that you’ll try it out since it’s got a “stamp of approval”.

The platform’s picked up on this trend and is encouraging brands to explore it as a way to build public trust and drive sales. According to the infographic above, 88% of users discover new products or services while exploring videos in the app and of those exposed, 91% then take action, whether purchasing the product or service, or exploring the brand’s page, or visiting their website.

These are serious numbers so brands should take time to properly research and incorporate influencers as part of their ad strategy, whether as an officially sponsorship or in a more casual way through Spark Ads.

Credit: TikTok

Branded Hashtag Challenge

Challenges are pretty common on TikTok. You’ve probably seen dozens of videos showcasing people doing specific dances or poses to specific snippets of music that range from funny to mind-blowingly creative.

Brands can be a part of the conversation by creating relevant content that suits the trend of the day. Alternatively, brands can create their own specific hashtags and content that, if done well, could encourage users to create videos while using the same hashtags or use TikTok’s duet feature to add their take on the brand’s original challenge.

They can also sponsor hashtags and create or incorporate a brand-specific effect or hashtag emoji (an emoji that appears alongside the hashtag) as well as elements such as a contest or incorporating an Explore Page that is a customizable landing page within the app to showcase products, redirect to a store outside the app, highlight the brand further, and more.

There you go! I hope that these latest updates give you something to think about when working on your next TikTok ad campaign. Keep an eye out for more new updates, tips and trends about TikTok and other social media platforms – you can also hit the follow button to make sure you never miss out on a blog post!

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