Spotted: Dominos UAE Vaccination Drive Campaign

We all love pizza, right? The gooey cheese, the fluffy crust, the delicious toppings…I bet you’re hunrgy now, right? I got hungry just typing that sentence.

This isn’t a pizza appreciation post, well, sorta. I wanted to share with you something fun that Dominoes UAE launched today:

I love the retro vibe of the video and how it invites engagement by making the video seem as though it’s a scene from a video game. Based on previous experience working with designers, animators, and whole group of talented folks, the whole cycle from idea to execution most likely took place over several stress-filled days so kudos to them for a well-executed piece of content.

I haven’t seen any other brand step up and encourage people to take the vaccine in such a creative way. It’s a great way for Dominos UAE to position themselves as a brand that cares and is a part of current conversation by linking themselves to the national vaccination programme through this promotion.

The post, which was also posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, has already collectively a decent amount of engagement. I’d love to get my hands on a breakdown of the post’s reach, impressions, and other interesting tidbits.

A more cynical take on this would be to say that the brand is capitalisaing on a situation that’s irrelevant to them as a way to boost their “feel good” social media presence. Is it true? Probably. But you know what? In the larger scheme of things, it’s a fun piece of content that put a smile on many people’s faces – something that isn’t always easy to do in our current situation.

I’m going to keep an eye out to see if other brands piggyback on this because it could be the start of a series of boosting community solidarity and support. Yes, even if it means you’ll get a free pizza in exchange for a little jab that could save your life.

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