Bye-Bye Fleets

Woohoo! Say bye-bye to Fleets! ⁠ Why am I celebrating?  Because I’m fed up with social media platforms bloating themselves with additional features that don’t add value for their users, but rather seem like desperate grabs at the “next shiny thing”⁠. Fleets, Twitter’s take on the Story-like features that we often see on Snapchat and Instagram, has officially seen its final days. Back in July … Continue reading Bye-Bye Fleets

Arabic Pinterest Now Available

Great news for Arabic speaking creators and brands – Pinterest is now officially available in Arabic! The popular, inspiration-based platform had quietly rolled out Arabic as a language option for Android users and those who use its website and saw a sharp 48% rise in the number of users who selected it as their language of choice. Pinterest also stated in an official blog post: … Continue reading Arabic Pinterest Now Available

Partner Up! Instagram Collab is here

Creators of the ‘gram, this one’s for you! Instagram is testing out “Collab”, a new feature that can enable users to post collaborative content through the main feed and Reels. Seeing collaborations being a trendy and successful tactic for content creators to create amazing content while reaching a wider audience has led the social media platform to take the step towards making its platform more … Continue reading Partner Up! Instagram Collab is here

Microsoft is Bringing Back Clippy

Guess who’s back? Back again. That’s right, Clippy’s back! Microsoft just announced that the iconic office assistant will replace the paperclip emoji that exists across Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 products. In fact, the company even started the hype by teasing the return of Clippy in a tweet promising that if Twitter post received 20,000 Likes, they would replace the paperclip emoji … Continue reading Microsoft is Bringing Back Clippy

TikTok Resumes

Looking for a job? Trying to hire new employees? What if we told you that you can start job hunting and hiring through social media? No, we’re not talking about LinkedIn. We’re talking about TikTok! ⁠TikTok is testing a job application tool that allows its U.S. users to directly apply with video resumes to companies like Chipotle, Target, and Shopify. The pilot programme is called … Continue reading TikTok Resumes

Facebook is Testing Animated Reactions

Another exciting update is about to come for Facebook users! Over the past few months, the social media platform has hinted at launching a variety of updates, from promotion tags to image motion effects. This time, Facebook is testing animated reactions to shared posts on the news feed. According to social media expert Matt Navarra’s post, users will have an option to add animated reactions … Continue reading Facebook is Testing Animated Reactions

TikTok’s New “Scrubbing” Feature

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to rewatch a long TikTok video because you missed some parts of it? Same! Well good news, fellow TikTok watchers! The platform has added a new “scrubbing” feature to its video.  According to The Verge, “TikTok is now rolling out the ability for everyone to publish videos up to three minutes in length, three … Continue reading TikTok’s New “Scrubbing” Feature

TikTok Marketing Tips For Businesses

TikTok’s popularity as a social media darling isn’t going away anytime soon if its expanded features are any indication. The video-based platform’s announced a series of new tools and features that businesses and brands can utilize to increase awareness and meet any goals set from sales to growing followers. Here’s a quick breakdown: “TikTok Made Me Buy It” You’ve probably seen this phrase thrown around … Continue reading TikTok Marketing Tips For Businesses

Finally! Instagram is rolling desktop posting features

Say it ain’t so! As professionals who have been in the social media game for so long, the day that we have dreamed of has finally arrived. For as long as we can remember, Instagram has solely focused on its app while its desktop version has always sort of been the afterthought. The social media platform has been known to be slow when it comes … Continue reading Finally! Instagram is rolling desktop posting features