Facebook is Testing Animated Reactions

Another exciting update is about to come for Facebook users! Over the past few months, the social media platform has hinted at launching a variety of updates, from promotion tags to image motion effects.

This time, Facebook is testing animated reactions to shared posts on the news feed.

According to social media expert Matt Navarra’s post, users will have an option to add animated reactions to their newly shared post.

His video showed a sneak peek of the process while using the new feature, which appears to provide the option to add a colorful animation and/or background to add to your shared update.

The platform offers a range of different animations and backgrounds for you to choose from.

Once you’ve added the animation of your choice, it will then be displayed to other users as they scroll over your update in their feed. Here’s how it will appear on everyone’s feeds.

These animated reactions remind us of the way that platforms like Instagram allow us to respond through stories, but for Feed posts.

Once this feature is launched worldwide, it could potentially boost your brand’s engagement on Facebook as it grabs the attention of users as they scroll through their feed!

According to Digital Information World, this latest update on the platform might even be a great opportunity for brands to help enhance their UGC-based campaigns. 

With the appropriate approach, they can persuade others to repost their latest announcements with their friends along with the new animation feature incorporated in the updates which could definitely help their content stand out in the feed.

However, if everyone starts using animated reactions, your feed might experience an overwhelming amount of bursting emojis, creating possible disruptions as you scroll through.

All that being said, Facebook has not yet fully revealed the launching date of this feature, but I can’t wait to see how it will all turn out!

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