Coronavirus Singalongs

If you’re on Twitter, chances are that you’ve seen some (or a lot) of these pop up on your timelines. They’ve probably brought a smile to your face or caused you to hum your favourite song.

I started seeing several of these pop up on my timeline and loved how each version revealed a different side – or was perfectly “on brand” – for the people I followed. Before I knew it, the meme exploded and it highlighted the perfect intersection of collective community concern, snark, and using humour to combat the terrifying reality outside the “garbage site” (how Twitter’s affectionately or not-so-affectionately referred to by users).

The amazing part of the meme is that not only has it turned a PSA into a karaoke sing along of sorts, it’s also expanded beyond it’s original form to people filming themselves singing to show the meme in action, like the glorious Gloria Gaynor with her #IWillSurviveChallenge

It’s fascinating how such behaviour has become our way of rebelling against the gloom that we’re regularly exposed to by a news media hell-bent on terrifying us every second of the day and the collective exhaustion of living in a society and world that seems to erupt in a new disaster each time we blink.

During such times, people tend to turn to comedy to lighten their mood, whether going to a comedy club or watching stand up shows/films/series. So, where do digital natives go to find their outlet? Social Media of course. It’s a good outlet for releasing pent-up frustrations in a fun, collaborative way that makes everyone feel that they’re part of the same community (even those in quarantine).

Brands have even jumped on the bandwagon, such as Candid Essentials (though at the time of writing this, their post hasn’t generated any engagements)

Here’s a blank hand-washing guide that you can customise – you can even add your favourite lyrics using the link below!

Stay safe and remember – if you have to choose between tears or laughter, choose laughter.

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