Hustling and COVID-19

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t feel like its been only two months since quarantine was formally imposed on us.

At this point it feels like we’ve fallen through the looking glass and we’re all living Upside Down day – but it’s more like Upside Down Year.

As a result, it seems like we’re all running on two speeds: full energy or sloth.

We’re all hustling like mad to stay in a game whose rules change every day.

It’s important that we still try though – like the story of two mice in a bucket of milk: you can either give up and drown or keep swimming until you turn the milk into butter and climb away to safety (in this case, safety means staying healthy, making an income, or whatever else is part of your priorities).

Speaking of hustling, I’m currently available for any content creation you may need: writing, editing, social media…whatever you need, I’m your gal!

Drop me a line here and let’s do this!

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