Instagram Introduces New Insights for Reels and Live

Insights have been an integral part of social media for Creators and Brands alike, so it’s huge news that Instagram has finally rolled out access to new insights that will help users evaluate the performance of their content on the platform!

Based on feedback from creators and businesses, Instagram is launching insights for Reels and Live, and this is what you will find:

Reels Insights

Reels Insights allows you to collect, track and analyze the data of your Reels, which can help you better understand your content’s performance, make creative decisions for future content and build an engaging strategy.

For Reels, the new metrics include:

  • Plays

The number of times your Reel has been played, which can be more than once for each viewer.

This measurement could be higher than the number of accounts reached.

  • Accounts Reached

The amount of unique Instagram users that saw your Reel at least once.

  • Likes
    The number of users who liked an individual Reel.
  • Comments
    The number of comments on an individual Reel.
  • Saves
    The number of times your Reel was saved by hitting the bookmark button.
  • Shares
    The number of times Instagram users shared your Reel to their story or to another user.

To see how a specific Instagram Reel is performing, visit the Reels tab on your profile page, open a Reel then tap the three-dot icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and select “Insights.”

Live Insights
Instagram Live Insights allows you to track, collect, and analyze performance data from Instagram Live streams.

For Live, the new metrics include:

  • Accounts Reached

The total number of Instagram users who viewed your Instagram Live stream.

  • Peak Concurrent Viewers
    The number of viewers that were watching the stream at its peak/busiest point.
  • Comments

The number of comments a Live video received.

  • Shares

The number of times Instagram users shared your Live video, either to their Instagram Stories or with another user.

You can view all Instagram Live analytics by starting your Instagram Live stream. When the video is finished, tap View Insights to view that specific live video’s performance, but it may take a few moments to be updated.

Account Insights

Instagram also mentioned that these metrics will be included in Account Insights to provide a broader picture of how Reels and Live shape an account’s performance.

The platform is also launching a piece of new detailed information about Reach in Account Insights to help creators and businesses understand how content is being distributed and provide breakdowns that provide transparency into which types of accounts you’re reaching and which content formats are the most effective at driving Reach.

Future Insights features to keep an eye on

It doesn’t just stop there!

Over the coming months, Instagram said that they will also begin rolling out new preset time frame options in Insights, expanding beyond the last 7 and 30 days as well as begin supporting Insights on desktop.

According to Instagram, “We understand that Insights are a critical resource for creators and businesses looking to grow their audience and engage their followers. We will be continually updating the Insights experience throughout 2021 and beyond to better meet the needs of creators and businesses.”

As you can see, Instagram has been cooking up a lot of new Insights to help out Creators and Businesses analyze how well their content’s performance is doing.

Insights play a huge role in many aspects of content creation, strategy, engagement, and more, so this new update is honestly a godsend for professionals who make a living out of social media or use the platform for their business!

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