How to Grow Your Followers: Keep a Post in Advance

Pizza is great and all, but have you ever tried not stressing about anything because you’ve got your content covered for at least the next two weeks?

Seriously! If you’re managing a social media account, then you know that there’s nothing more freeing than blocking an hour or so each week to scheduling your content and then relaxing in the knowledge that your posts will be released on time without having to worry about when and where to post.

For those of you who have yet to experience the wonders of keeping posts in advance, here are reasons for you to finally implement it into your own social media management and ways that it can grow your following!

Schedule for peace of mind

Scheduling is important for so many different reasons. It allows you to reach your target audience at the times they’re online, even if that time is inconvenient for you.

This is important because if people go to your account and see that it is inactive, they will assume that you don’t care enough about your audience to keep them updated on new products, or other important information.

Benefits of Scheduling

So what perks do scheduling posts bring? 

  1. Time Management

By scheduling your posts in one go, you free yourself to work on other important daily tasks while your social media posts go out on time.

  1. Extended Reach – You can pre-schedule posts or times outside of office hours which is particularly effective for businesses with audiences who interact with their content at all hours.
  1. Multiple Platform Management – Being able to manage multiple platforms all in a central place makes it easier to maintain all accounts effectively. This also helps to diversify your content for various platforms.
  2. Consistent Presence – By scheduling your posts, you can stick to regular time slots to release posts. This delivers the impression of a steady social media presence.

Manage Scheduling Effectively

A successful tactic is balancing between automation and manual participation. There is nothing wrong with using social media automation as long as you actively monitor conversations and not let opportunities to be proactive about connecting socially pass you by.

All things considered, we all know that the life of being social media can be hectic. With so many tasks on our plate, it’s becoming more of a challenge to prioritize and keep ourselves from stressing over different things. 

Thanks to scheduling posts, we get to focus on other things like building a community, engaging followers, and creating purposeful content while staying active and gaining followers!

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