Instagram Save Worthy Series: Inspiration

I bet you’ve seen at least five posts today with inspirational quotes or visuals. There’s a reason why they’re so popular – they give you a small boost for minimal effort⁠!

⁠Why are they useful? Well, inspirational posts are more than just content fillers. It’s another way to emphasize your brand persona to your target audience.

If they’re really well done or resonate with your audience then you’ll unlock new engagement levels beyond simple likes, comments, shares, and saves⁠.

Yes, people tend to save a lot of content that is educational and informational. These posts are no doubt important for your brand’s content strategy, but integrating content that is also motivating, inspiring, and visually pleasing is what makes your brand relatable!

Most people save inspirational posts to view them again or share them with their friends and family, who may have similar interests as they do. 

This helps with your brand visibility, allowing you to be noticed and may even get new audiences to follow your account, so you want your brand personality to shine through every single post and be memorable.

Besides getting saved for being so shareable, inspirational content are also a great way to start conversations with the audience. 

In fact, followers tend to save and engage more with content that they feel personally connected to or inspired by. What’s even great is that if they’re passionate about a particular idea or topic, they will feel more obligated to share their own thoughts and opinions, sparking conversations around your brand.

Inspirational content doesn’t necessarily mean posting quotes or motivating images. They can also be used to share testimonials and promote product campaigns. 

This not only makes your brand easy to connect with, but it also shows that you can be authentic and trustworthy. It also celebrates the message, values, and vision behind your brand.

Let’s have a look at Nike’s content as an example, the sports apparel brand that is known for being different, inspiring, and motivational by using powerful words and visually moving posts. 

And here’s another example

At the end of the day, we don’t always remember what brands say but we always remember how they make us feel. This is where inspirations come to play and why they can benefit your business.

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