Instagram Save Worthy Series: Information

Who doesn’t love learning new things?⁠ It can be about a hobby, news, a random topic, something business-related… anything that enriches your life or those of others and gives you an edge⁠!

Posts that contain interesting facts, news, and statistics are a great way to boost your Instagram saves. People are most likely to save educational and informative posts so that they can process the shared content on their own time.

Most importantly, to gain valuable saves, the information you provide should be relevant to your target audience’s interests.

One of the challenges with posting informative content is finding a way to make the information interesting, both visually and contextually. It’s easy to fall into the trap by simply creating a text-heavy post filled with lots of bulky information.

That being said, while it is a given that high-quality photography and videos will most likely do well on Instagram, this may not exactly be the most effective way to communicate specific information to your audience since images alone can be limiting and not everyone wants to watch a 1-minute video overloaded with information.

So how can you mix things up with your content to boost your Instagram saves?

Infographic-style visuals are a great way to communicate information or data-heavy content. This not only helps make the content more digestible for the audience but also showcases the information in a visually pleasing way.

They can be in the form of illustrations or a mix of photo elements with text.

Here’s how Hello Fresh Canada, a successful healthy meal-kit brand, has created their informational content to educate its audience about the benefits of fresh ingredients such as asparagus.

You can also utilize carousels to break up the information of your content. Here’s a great example from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

By crafting informational content in this format and breaking the monotony of using only images or videos, you can keep your audience interested enough to save your posts while helping them get to know your products or services and learn something valuable along the way.

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