A Simple Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing is more than receiving sale coupons and random newsletters.

It’s another form of direct, digital marketing that uses e-mail to promote your brand’s products and services while maintaining a relationship with your customers.

It can be a powerful way to connect with your community and customers – if done right.

With so many marketing tools that help us do the same, what can it be best used for? 

Let’s have a look at this simple guide to email marketing and find out how it can be beneficial for your brand:

Traffic Generation

Email traffic is one of the most valuable sources of traffic in digital marketing. 

Why? Because it can help lead existing customers to your brand’s website or social media platform, which builds organic traffic.


Besides driving customers to your website or platforms, it helps to keep the brand on top of your customers’ minds through relevant information and educational content. 

It’s an easy way to get them familiar with your brand; the more often they receive your messages, the more likely they’ll recognize you.

This also gives your customers a little nudge to make that purchasing decision.

Lead Nurturing

One of the many ways that email marketing helps with conversion is through Lead Nurturing – an essential tactic for marketers to establish relationships between brands and customers in order to secure a new audience. 

This allows you to discover leads with high purchasing intent and provide content that results in a conversation with your customers.

Revenue Generation

Generating revenue through email marketing is a whole ball game that takes more than just sending a few emails every month! 

Through solid marketing strategy, well-thought-out content, and consistent delivery of messages, it gives you a great opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell products and services to your customers.

You can also create follow-up emails that remind customers to purchase what they have in their shopping carts.

Now that we’ve had a look at the many ways that email marketing can help your brand’s marketing needs. Here are some important tips for you to know:

Understand your email lists and set the right tone of voice

Identify who you are emailing to and implement email segmentation to send the right email at the right time.

Work on your subject lines to increase open rates

Construct interesting subject lines so your customers end up opening the email and avoid marking it as spam.

Personalize your emails in the most effective way

Make use of what you know about your customers. Other than getting your customer’s name right, consider including what they have been looking for while browsing your website.

Allow customers to control email frequency

To avoid customers from unsubscribing, let them control how often they want to get emails from your brand.

Use a clear opt-in and easy opt-out

Make sure your customers are willing to receive notifications, offers, or newsletters from your business and make it easy for them to unsubscribe – don’t purposely hide it in your email.

Make sure your emails work on all devices

Test your emails on a desktop, tablet, and mobile to see if the designs are compatible across all devices.

Monitor your email performance

Know the customers who respond to your emails and be aware of those who don’t – avoid blindly mailing all the customers in your email list.

Overall, Email Marketing provides brands loads of advantages- from cost-effective communication to strategic revenue generation.

Although focusing on other marketing tools such as social media has its own benefits, there is a good reason why e-mail should be considered in your communication strategy! 

Most, if not all, digital users still use e-mail on a daily basis. In fact, the number of daily active email users currently stands at approximately 3.9 million (Statista, 2020) and is forecasted to reach 4.3 billion by 2023. This proves that email marketing’s impact is incredibly widespread.

Keep this simple guide we’ve provided in mind since it looks like e-mail marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon after all!

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