‘Save Worthy’ Posts

Here’s a fun fact: Saves are the new Likes!

Scrolling through the Discovery Page and you find a particular insight that you like? Save! Came across an image that might be helpful for your next content? Save!

Of course, Instagram Saves are nothing new, but with the platform trying to test out the removal of likes, other metrics are being considered to determine the performance of posts and assess ROI for businesses.

After all, when someone saves your content, it shows that they find it valuable enough to proactively look back at your post rather than mindlessly liking and forgetting about it.

We’re breaking down what you can do to start creating content that’s “Save Worthy” in our latest series!

Let’s start with Tips!

Do you recall posts like these saved in your collections?

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We all have saved posts that include quick interesting tips, tricks, and hacks about a topic we love in order to save time. You know, for future reference?

No matter the type of brand or business that you have, sharing informational content on social media helps the audience get to know what value you can provide for their benefit.

This can be a carousel with tips on each slide that keep the audience engaged or images with evergreen factual information in the captions that will remain relevant in the long run.

Bonus points if you can make your content visually appealing while being informative!

Instagram may seem like the platform that is making it more challenging for brands to get posts delivered to their audience, but it just proves that we will need to push harder to engage users better through quality content that delivers value rather than providing filler content.

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